Foldable E Bike

Shopping For A Folding Electric Bike – $1000 or Less

The electric bike marketplace has been booming. As more and more people recognize how effective it can be at replacing a vehicle for a shorter commute, many are buying one. However, why not take it even further and get yourself a foldable electric bike. Folding electric bikes offer greater portability and require much less space for storage. It can make for an even better and more versatile riding solution for commuters or for those that want to be able to take the subway/metro much easier. However, with the seemingly endless options available, knowing which one to select isn’t the easiest thing if you don’t know what to look for. In this article, we will be going over some of the top things that you should be considering when shopping for one and we will be going over a few of the most recommended options.

Things To Look For When Shopping For The Top Folding Electric Bike:

1. Budget

As with anything, you want to come up with a budget that you can work with. Figuring out the budget you have available to use for your folding bike purchase is key. After all, you will find bikes available on the lower side of the spectrum and bikes at the high-end. In general, you will get more features and lighter-weight materials the more you are willing and able to spend.

2. Use-Case

You need to factor in the way you intend on using the bike. After all, if you are buying your bike for a specific commute, you want to ensure that the bike will be suitable for it. Whereas, if you are only buying your bike to ride around for fun, you might not necessarily have the same criteria. Likewise, anyone that is going to be using the bike for their regular commute might value comfort and ride-ability much more than those that will be using it more infrequently. Therefore, you might want to shop for a bike that has much more of an inclined seating position for added comfort. If you will be carrying bags along with you during your commute, you might even want to shop for one that has space for a bag rack.

3. Motors

When you are purchasing any type of electric bike, you want to look closely at the motor that it comes with. The motor will dictate the kind of performance that you are able to get out of it. There is even the case of considering the placement of the motor. Hub motors are frequently used in foldable bikes because they have a small footprint. These motors can either be found on the front or the back of the back. Mid-drive motors are usually found on the other electric bikes on the market and these motors offer better performance going up hills. Most folding electric bikes will begin to cut off assistance at around 20 miles per hour. Anything more than that and you are looking at a much larger footprint and a heavier overall bike.

4. Wheels

The size of the wheels of the bike is another big thing that you want to consider because you are likely purchasing the foldable bike to have something that is relatively compact and easy to transport. The bikes on the smaller side of the spectrum will have anywhere from 16 to 20-inch wheels. Anything larger might provide a better and more traditional riding experience, but it won’t offer the same convenience or portability.

Best Foldable E-Bikes:

1. Brompton Electric

Brompton is one of the most popular e-bike manufacturers for a reason. They offer some of the highest quality and best performance e-bikes you will find anywhere. This foldable bike offers smaller 16-inch wheels which makes it extremely compact.

2. Rad Power Rad Mini

This might sacrifice portability for versatility, but it offers excellent speed, performance, and wide tires that can help you get anywhere you want to go.

3. Tern BYB

This bike offers an extremely smooth riding experience with it’s larger 20-inch wheels. You aren’t going to get the same compact bike when folded, but it features a double-folding mechanism that helps minimize the footprint more than what you would expect from a 20-inch wheel e-bike.