Electric Mountain Bike

Shopping For The Top Electric Mountain Bike Less Then $1000

Electric mountain bikes¬†are unique in that they give bikers the opportunity to keep up in traffic. With that said, you shouldn’t expect them to work well on the highway. Simple stop and start traffic in neighborhoods is the perfect place to test out this function. Electric bikes shouldn’t be confused with motorcycles. They do have electrical power that enhances their speed. They do however have more similarities to bicycles than motorcycles. It’s kind of like the pedals are enhanced. They do require the action of pedaling.

E – Mountain Bicycle Review

Some enjoy mountain electric bikes for their ability to make their bike ride easier. It can be grueling to ride a bike in a hilly area and haul children with them. Those who use electric bikes often find that they arrive to their destination less sweaty. This is especially useful if you bike to work. There are a few types of electric bikes you can buy. The two main categories are mountain and road. This is much like the categories for traditional bikes. In this article, we are going to discuss what to look for when purchasing an electric mountain bike:

Picking Your Mountain Bike for Under 1000

Do You Want A HUB Or A MID-Drive Motor?

Hub motors are older and well liked by many people. They used to be the industry standard when it can to quality. As time pressed on, MID-Drive motors were invented. Most riders today now consider them to be the highest quality.

HUB Motors

Hub motors are designed in a way that makes them better for road bikes. The power is all in the back wheel. This can make hills a little too intense for these motors. They can certainly make it easier for you to reach the top, but are less capable of making that journey comfortable. HUB motors can also come with technical issues that were sorted out when the invention of the MID-Drive motor came to be. HUB motors often overheat, which requires the user to take them in to be repaired.

MID-Drive Motors

MID-Drive motors help balance the power of the bike by bringing the energy to the center. They do transfer the power to the rear wheel, sort of like HUB motors, but there is a much greater power distribution. This makes them easier to operate. These motors have become the most popular choice within the last three years and are steadily growing in popularity. MID Drive motors can produce an excellent amount of power. A fit human can only put out 250 W on a normal bike at top pedaling speed. MID-Drive motors can be taken to up to 750 W. This makes them suitable for slow traffic.

There are some disadvantages to MID-Drive motors that should be taken into account. That’s why HUB motors are still preferred by some. They can however, be rather hard on your drive system. These motors can’t shift well if you forget to downshift them before coming to a stop. They will continue to go out top speed if this is not accomplished, especially if you were at a very fast speed before deciding to stop. You must master this process before deciding to take the bike into traffic.

Choosing The Right Motor Class

The motor class is assigned based on the speed that is reachable with the bike. There are three different classes that a motor bike can be placed into. There is class 1, class 2 and class 3. The speed is from least to greatest.

Class 1

This is the most common speed for mountain bikes on the market. It is the best one for beginners as increased speed can mean more accidents. This bike will take you up to 750 W. It is only suitable for extremely slow traffic. The type of traffic that you may see in a residential neighborhood. With that, you should be cautious when using this motor on the road at all.

Class 2

These bikes can exceed 750 W. They will not exceed the speed of 20 MPH. Because these bikes have so much power, they increase the risk of crashing with other bikes on trails. Typically, bike trails do not allow class 2 motor bikes.

Class 3

Class 3 bikes can go up to 28 MPH. These bikes are frequently bought by commuters. They are absolutely not allowed on trails. Some states require the use of a helmet. Legally, they are often looked at like motorcycles.

Find One That Suits You

We all have different needs. Typically they depend on what we want to use the bike for. No motor or class is perfect for everyone. Discuss what you’d like to use the bike for with the seller. With the knowledge you’ve gained from this article, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you.